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 The Beginnings

Daxi Cleaning was formed by breaking apart from Daxi '97. The reasoning for this breakage was an ever increasing demand on the cleaning market of Constanta.

From it's establishment until today, Daxi Cleaning enjoyed a rising popularity, it's business number rising from year to year.As such,today,Daxi Cleaning is one of the major players on the cleaning market of Constanta County.

 Certifications and strong points

Daxi Cleaning has ISO (ISO 9001:2001,ISO 14001:2004,ISO 27001:2005) and OHSAS 18001:2008 qualifications,ensuring the quality of the company.The experience gained over the years enforces our customer's trust in our services.

Daxi Cleaning is present at all meetings about cleaning that take place locally or at a country level. We have distributors in Bucharest,Brasov, Alba Iulia,Buzau, Calarasi,Timisoara,Iasi and Targu Mures. Our strong points are distribution of cleaning products and cleaning maintenance services,altough in our portfolio there are other various services too.

 The Employees - Spotless,well trained and ready to work!

Because client satisfaction is on top, all our employees take a number of tests before beginning to work. At employment we request medical approval, legal record,but also a CV with previous experience. As such, in our company there are many individuals with high professional and moral standars, which creates a welcoming, relaxing working environnment.This reflects in our relationship with our clients.

Our wide experience allows for solving any work job. The employees use special uniforms,marked with the company's logo for easy identification. Each team has a group leader and a supervisor,to avoid problems.To reach our clients,we have an auto park formed by 1 Renault Traffic, two Peugeot Partner, a Fiat Doblo, an Peugeot 307 SW, a Mercedes A1 and a Suzuki

 Top-notch equipment = Top-notch services

In the work we do,we only use machines of the highest quality: Karcher. Also,the solutions used are advised by the Health Ministry,are bio-degradable and do not affect the environment.Every business' succes depends largely on the place in which the employees do their work.Scientific studies proved that by working in a dusty,unairy space,the human brain can't work at full capacity, and that means profit loss to the administrator.

But with us taking care of the working space,and your employees working at full capacity, you can be sure that your company will be a welcoming environment for your clients.

But Daxi takes care of your house,also!Each of us knows how hard it is to keep clean around the house,especially if you have an all-day schedule,kids and a big house. We can help keep your house clean,so that instead of cleaning,you can relax.

From small houses to large workspaces, Daxi takes care of all of it, so that you only have to worry about what matters.

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