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 Daxi Cleaning

Cleanliness - is the most important thing in a space.Be it a flat, two-story house, holiday villa, warehouse or office space, an environment that is not clean can cause unpleasant feelings.Usually you do not have time to clean, or it is very hard to keep the space tidy.This is where we come in - Daxi Cleaning.

Our excellent services guarantee a spotless space and a fresh air after each intervention, and this fact is confirmed by the large number of renowed clients we have in our portfolio. With Daxi Cleaning, you can be sure that your space is going to be spotless,every time!

 5 reasons to choose Daxi Cleaning

If you need a short,to-the-point list on why to choose us,here you go:
1.Quality - The quality of our services is confirmed by our clients, renowed companies calling us to do their cleaning.
2.Safety - With us you are sure that your space will remain clean!
3.Professionalism - Big or small spaces,each gets the same,high-class treatment.
4.Experience - The 7 years of working in the domain taught us the best methods to clean a space.
5.Variety - Both our services and our products form a wide choice, so that no matter what your needs are, you can meet them at us!

 Tips for a clean house

No one likes a dirty house.To help you keep your house clean, we collected a few helpful tips:

  • After each usage of an object,put it back into it's place. If you use an object often,put it somwhere where it's easy to grasp.
  • Use an air freshner to keep the air fresh.
  • Once a day,open all windows to vent the house.
  • Avoid eating in any place but the kitchen.Doing so,you avoid spreading of crumbles,which bring various insects.
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